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Color Film Presets

Ultimate Lightroom Film Presets Pack

Ultimate Lightroom Film Presets Pack

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Introducing our Comprehensive Film Presets Pack – a meticulously curated collection that encapsulates the essence of the most famous film emulsions. Immerse your digital photography in the timeless beauty of Kodak Portra, the rich tones of Fuji Provia, the dramatic contrast of Agfa Scala, and many more. This pack not only offers authentic emulations but goes beyond, allowing you to experiment with push and pull processes to customize your visual narrative.

Includes 150 Presets (.xmp) for 33 film emultions.

( Agfa Scala 200 | Agfa Vista 100/400/800 | Cinestill 50D/800D/BWXX250 | Fuji 160C/400H/Astia100F/Neopan400/Neopan1600/Provia100F/Provia400X/Superia400/Superia1600/Velvia100 | Ilford Delta3200/HP5 | Kodak E100G/E100VS/E200/Ektar100/Gold200/Max800/Portra160/Portra400/Portra800/RoyalGold400/TRI-X400/UltraMax400/UltraMax800 | Polaroid 665/669/690 )

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